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Questions to ask when choosing a home care provider

Family members every so often come to the understanding that they need nursing care for a senior parent or other loved one. However, entrusting some of the responsibilities to someone else can be difficult.

To help you accomplish this, British American Healthcare L.L.C has assembled a list of important
questions to ask as you interview prospective professional homecare companies:

1. What is your company's accreditation?

Families face a variety of options when deciding what services to use and who should provide them. The company you choose should have a valid accreditation (CARF, JCI etc.)This is an indication of quality and excellence and is an essential consideration in your decision making.

British American Healthcare LLC was awarded a three-year accreditation for Home and Community Services for adults, adolescents, and children. This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process and has demonstrated to a USA team of surveyors during an on-site visit that its programs and services are of the highest quality, measurable, and accountable. British American Healthcare was the first organization in the MENA region to be awarded this high level of accreditation for Home and Community Services for Children & Adolescent.

3. How are your nurses supervised?

In British American Healthcare L.L.C we make regular quality assurance calls and monthly visits to make certain that the nurses consistently deliver quality care.

To further ensure quality care, we see that all nurses are regularly and closely supervised daily through our real time electronic medical records, where the Clinical Case Managers check on the patient’s status and the nurses are required to provide frequents updates about the patient within their shift.

5. What is your plan of care?

You should discuss with the homecare what their plan of care is and how they will treat your loved ones.

Each patient plan is unique and different based on their needs and medical condition; our clinical team will discuss with your family the plan of care and will explain to you what the goals are for your loved ones.

To be effective, the plan needs to be developed with your doctor’s recommendation and we also take into consideration your input and it will be flexible so it can be updated as your loved one’s needs change.

7. What is the process for addressing problems?

Confirm up front whom to contact—and how—when you experience problems or have questions or requests.

We listen to every concern the family has, our patient relations specialist is the first point of contact and available to hear the families concerns and complaints 24/7. In case of complaints the management and clinical team will immediately be informed and will work on finding a solution for the problem.

2. How do you hire and assign your nurses to the patients?

Look for a company that balances experience and training with a person’s innate gift to serve and care for others.

British American healthcare L.L.C nurses go thoroughly rigorous screening and interviews. Once they are hired they complete orientation and training and are required to maintain and update their skills. All nurses are assigned to patients that match their nursing skills and previous experience; moreover, they are highly compassionate and caring.

4. Will you provide an in-home assessment prior to starting services?

Our clinical team will conduct a detailed in-home assessment for your loved ones. They will evaluate the patient’s case and you can discuss with them your concerns and requests, which will help you, determine whether the organization can meet them to your satisfaction.

6. What procedures are in place for emergencies?

Ask how the nurse will work in case of an emergency? Does the organization provide 24-hour telephone service for handling emergencies during weekends and holidays?

British American Healthcare nurses are provided with company smartphones and have access to the physician 24/7. They are expertly trained to act fast in emergencies and instructed to immediately call 999 for the ambulance and contact our physician who is available 24/7.

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Sadie Bennett, BSN RN

Clinical Services Manager

A native of the Republic of Ireland, Sadie comes to this role with many years of valuable experience in the UK. Her most recent position as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor) makes her an ideal candidate to lead the home care nursing team with the latest evidence based best practices. Sadie also has the advantage of holding a Nurse Prescriber License and has 12 years of nursing in acute medicine. With such a solid background Sadie’s expertise is an invaluable asset to British American Healthcare LLC. She will work very closely with the Medical Director to ensure all patients receive optimal clinical care. With her Irish charm and deep sense of compassion she makes a very compelling patient advocate.


Accounts Clerk As the accounts clerk, Carlo takes care of day to day company expenses as well as staff payroll. He works closely with Claire for the reconciliation of billing and prepares the mandatory financial reports as required. Carlo also assists with individual patient requests for pricing for medical supplies.


designation Mec

Megan Adams, MSN RN

Chief Quality Officer

Megan is a founding member of British American Healthcare and leads the quality team in continuous performance improvement initiatives and assures ongoing compliance with HAAD regulations and CARF standards. Additionally, Megan offers support in the business development and stakeholder communications. She is a proud alumna of Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, USA.

Joevelyn Badayos and Jelly Ann

Pediatric Senior Nurse Senior Nurse for adults Senior nurses work closely with both the management and medical teams to facilitate an efficient patient admission. Once admitted, senior nurses provide supervision to nursing staff and facilitate smooth ongoing care by managing supply needs and assisting the case manager with facilitating follow up visits with the treating physician and other outside specialists.

Richelle Cabusao

Director of Nursing Services

As part of the founding team, Richelle brings the required nursing experience and management skills needed for the success of the patient experience. Richelle is responsible for the entire medical team from hiring to training and ensuring staff are appropriately matched to the patients, so that the patients home health needs can be safely fulfilled. She ensures all staff members follow the latest evidence based best practices and monitors the continuing medical education, a mandatory requisite to be part of the British American Healthcare team.

Maureen (Mary) Almai, MSN RN

Founder and CEO

Maureen oversees all operations to ensure the company grows and develops in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.Previously, Maureen created and developed home care service entities both in the USA and the UAE, and has drawn upon that extensive experience to ensure British American Healthcare provides home health services unsurpassed in quality. Maureen is a firm believer in empowering and educating patients and their families so they can take charge of their healthcare needs. She encourages staff in their career growth and evaluates their performance firmly and fairly for optimal outcomes.

Dipak Acharya

Finance Manager Dipak is a Nepalese native and joined British American Healthcare LLC as the Financial Manager. He has more than eight years of relevant experience and a proven track record of analyzing financial information and using industry tools to help companies allocate resources in a more fiscally beneficial manner. Dipak holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and a post graduate degree in Chartered Accountancy. He is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants, India.

Claire Flores

Insurance Specialist

Claire is a university graduate and brings a wealth of international experience in clinical settings to British American Healthcare LLC. She has paid attention to her career growth and development and is instrumental to our company’s operations. In addition to her nursing degree and being a clinical instructor, Claire holds license and certification from The American Association of Professional Coder ICD 9/10CM. She has more than seven years of relevant work experience in the medical insurance field. In addition Claire has invaluable administrative experience so in addition to her role as medical coder/insurance specialist, Claire co-manages the human resources department.

Josephine Mick, BSN RN

Clinical Operations Manager Josephine brings the required nursing experience and quality management skills to ensure British American Healthcare remains at the forefront following international patient safety standards and evidence based best practices. With CPHQ certification and a strong background in quality from her time spent in Saudi Arabia before joining our team, Josephine was instrumental in securing the company’s CARF accreditation. She is responsible for all clinical operations from hiring to training staff, ensuring they are adequately prepared to provide the patient specific healthcare needs and are safe and effective homecare nurses. Josephine is also responsible for all licensing requirements ensuring British American Healthcare not only meets but exceeds the Department of Health standards. She monitors the continuing medical education, a mandatory requisite to be part of the British American Healthcare team. In addition, Josephine is an American Heart Association BLS instructor, an added bonus for our nurses.

Jasel Carnaje and Mave Canata

Case Managers Jasel and Mave are Filipino Registered Nurses with experience in adults and pediatrics. They will coordinate with hospital staff and families to ensure there is a smooth transition to home care services. Once home, the case managers will be a source of liaison between the family the nurses and the homecare physicians.

Liz Dudley & Lucy Foster

Case Managers(Certification Accredited by the AACNE) They are British Registered Nurses with experience in adults and pediatrics. They will coordinate with hospital staff and families to ensure there is a smooth transition to home care services. Once home, the case managers will be a source of liaison between the family the nurses and the homecare physicians.

Dr. Rania Abdelhafiz, MRCP (UK)

Medical DirectorPediatrics & Internal Medicine Medical Practitioner

Dr. Rania is an accomplished pediatrician and is board certified from the UK. As a native Arab speaker, she enhances patient and family communications to better involve the persons served. Dr. Rania provides medical leadership to the clinical team as well as information and education to the patients and families. She makes patient rounds in the home of the patient when involved family members are present (this is usually a Saturday) and whenever the patient may need further evaluation. Dr. Rania coordinates with the patient’s treating physician to establish achievable goals and positive outcomes. Dr. Rania also leads regular clinical team meetings with staff to discuss patient progress and any changes in treatment.

Huda Abdallah

Administrative Assistant Huda is our Administrative Assistant and as she is usually the first point of contact when patients and families call the office. She plays a vital role in communicating patient/family needs with the appropriate staff member. Huda is a fluent translator and is instrumental in providing an Arabic newsletter to keep our clients up to date with latest DOH and DAMAN notifications as well as the latest health information. In addition, Huda has set up Arabic language classes for all staff to learn basic conversational Arabic, appropriate for the home care setting.

Hussein Al Towayti

Legal Advisor Hussein ensures that British American Healthcare LLC is legally compliant in all business operations. He is responsible for all licensing and Government requirements as well as facilitating Residency Status for our expatriate employees. A native of Ras Al Khaimah, Hussein attended Handler Law School and Al Ain University. He has several years of experience providing legal services to foreign companies who have successfully established and staffed corporate offices in the UAE. Hussein is fluent in both Arabic and English.

William Nakad, MCSE MCSA

Executive Office Manager William joins British American Healthcare LLC with eight years of UAE experience in the healthcare industry. In addition to being the Executive Office Manager, William will provide expert Technical Support as a Licensed Microsoft Systems Program Engineer. This will ensure British American Healthcare providers have the technology required and the provisions in place to enhance service delivery to our patients. William is known for his excellent multitasking abilities and will be sure to keep the executive staff informed and organized. William is Syrian and fluent in both Arabic and English.

Skilled Nursing

Our Department of Health (formerly HAAD) Licensed nurses are hired based on their skills and experience and go through a thorough training and orientation program. This includes cultural sensitivity training in addition to basic Arabic language. They are supervised closely by our medical and management teams. We offer 24 hour nursing coverage.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team has clinicians who are experienced both with children and adults. They evaluate the patient and provide a treatment plan with measurable goals and provide progress notes to the patient.

Mum & Newborn Care

The birth of a baby is a beautiful blessing, but can leave mom physically exhausted. Our Department of Health (formerly HAAD) licensed nurses, physician’s and physical therapists can support you through a C-section recovery, wound comfort care, and encourage bonding with your little one through successful breast feeding. You will have time for quality rest knowing you and your baby are safe. You can relax and embrace this very precious time with the comforting care of our discreet medical professionals.

Pediatrics, Special Needs & Rare Diseases

We love these patients! With dedicated pediatric nurses we are privileged to have several patients in this category. Working closely with a multidisciplinary team and the child’s family we strive to give these very special kids the best quality of life. With collaboration from their specialist’s physicians we have been able to care for patients with very rare diseases. As our patients have received treatment abroad, we are in communication with the global experts to ensure we are following the latest evidence based best practices.

Physician Home Visits

Our female native Arab speaking physicians visit our patients in their homes at least monthly and more frequently as needed. They ensure the plan of care is devised on evidence based best practices and are available 24/7 to meet the patient’s needs and can easily view the patient’s electronic medical record by the company provided smart phone.

Nutritional Therapy & Tube Feeding

Several of our patients require assistance with nutritional support because of their diagnosis and our physicians include dietary requirements in the plan of care. In addition our nurses pass competencies in managing tube feedings and manage even the most problematic tube feeding regimens.

Wound Care

We have several nurses who have worked as wound care nurses and many are trained in Wound Vac Therapy. With the use of an electronic medical record our physician can see wounds on a daily basis, monitor the progress or update the treatment plan.

Diabetes Management

This is unfortunately one of the most prominent diseases in the UAE. We have many teaching tools to help our patients understand the disease and encourage them to take ownership of their treatment plan. Our physicians spend a good deal of time with our diabetic patients and we collect the necessary data to provide to the endocrinologist, including blood glucose results, Insulin administered, blood pressure recordings and patient weight.

Elderly Care & Dementia

With the many symptoms that come with dementia (Alzheimer’s disease accounts for the majority of patients diagnosed with dementia) it is often very difficult to witness the physical and mental health deterioration of an elderly loved one. After all, they are the foundation of family life. Our nurses and physical therapists provide compassionate care and support services in the elder’s home preserving the patient’s dignity and respect. Following international safety standards, safety risks such as falls, administration of medication, skin breakdown are identified and addressed. Having our physicians available 24/7 may help reduce the need of challenging visits to the hospital which can be very disruptive to the patient.